Sasmita’s Performance

Sasmita Panda a senior disciple of guru Smt. Meera Das performed in 13th debadasi festival organised by Debadasi Nrutyanjali..

She performed hamsadhwani pallavi which is one of the finest choreography of padmabibhusan Guru Shri. Kelucharan Mohapatra and taba-birahe an abhinay from gita govinda(astapadi) choreographed by guru Smt. Meera Das. Her impressive performance was very well received by the odissi lovers present there… some of them remarked that her hard work, dedication was evident. The style and teachings of her Guru Smt. Meera Das manifested in her performance which is the hallmark of guru-shishya parampara.

We are very thankful to Debadasi Nrutyanjali for giving her this opportunity.





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