MEERA DAS Rani Avanti Bai Odissi

Warrior Women Of Bharat is a multi – style dance theatre production featuring celebrated and respected classical and contemporary dancers & theatre actors drawn from all over the Country . Warrior Women Of Bharat celebrates the lives of fearless , heroic women , who driven by patriotism and love for their motherland , took up arms and entered the battlefield to fight British imperialism . On the occasion of AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV , this dance theatre production pays homage to the exemplary courage of these outstanding , emancipated women , who did not shirk from picking up arms and going to the battle field to keep the British colonials away…A true tribute to mother India Warrior Women of Bharat portrays the extraordinary lives patriotic and gallant women who are ready for the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Motherland.

Mukteswar Dance Festival 2021

Guru Smt Meera Das performed on the inaugural evening of the prestigious Mukteswar Dance Festival on 14th January. She started her performance with Shivastuti followed by Pallavi, a pure Dance number set to raag Bilahari & set to eka tali which is one of the finest Dance composition of Padma Vibhusan Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra & music composition by Pandit Shri Bhubaneswar Mishra. She concluded her performance with a self choreographed abhinaya based on SABARI from Ramayana, in which the music is composed by Shri Srinivas Sathpathy.