Mukteswar Dance Festival 2021

Guru Smt Meera Das performed on the inaugural evening of the prestigious Mukteswar Dance Festival on 14th January. She started her performance with Shivastuti followed by Pallavi, a pure Dance number set to raag Bilahari & set to eka tali which is one of the finest Dance composition of Padma Vibhusan Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra & music composition by Pandit Shri Bhubaneswar Mishra. She concluded her performance with a self choreographed abhinaya based on SABARI from Ramayana, in which the music is composed by Shri Srinivas Sathpathy.

Odissi Dance-Challenges Of Time & Technology

With the presence of all senior disciples of Guru Smt Meera Das a seminar was conducted in utkala Ranga Mancha, Bbsr. It’s always wonderful to host seminars on different aspects of Odissi Dance & music.

It gives us deep insights about our ancient Dance form. If we observe closely & attentively it always enhances the knowledge.

These pieces of wisdom & knowledge force us to introspect which in turn broadens our vision.
We are very thankful to Mrs Sharon Lowen, Smt Sikata Das, Dr. Itishree Devi for being the chairperson of the seminar and Guru Smt Aruna Mohanty, Guru Shri Ratikanta Mohapatra, & Shri Kedar Mishra for being the keynote speakers. And hearty regards to the members of extended Odissi family who attended the seminar.

The seminar was followed by a cultural evening named “Abhinaya”,where the evening witnessed some of the beautiful choreographies of Smt. Meera Das as solo recitals by senior dancers: Sasmita panda, Puspa panda, Priyanka Jena, Bidya biswajita , Shibani Parija and a duet recital by Sweekruti Das & Bhagyashree Aich. The dancers enthralled the art lovers with their wonderful expression & grace. In spreading the awareness about the platform for soloist has been almost getting no value as the group performance has taken over ,the effort by Guru Smt Meera Das was highly appreciated by the art lovers present there.
We hope this initiative of her will give a boost & encouragement to all the Gurus to provide  platforms to the  young, promising & talented soloist .



Manchaprabesha of Bhagyashree Aich

Manch Pravesh is a culminating event for students of Odissi dance. Odissi is an Indian classical dance form from Orissa. “Manchapravesha” a parampara ( tradition) valued always.
It’s a commitment and a bonding between Guru and sishya….

Bhagyashree Aich,  young &  talented future of Odissi presented beautiful compositions of Guru Meera Das in her Manchapravesh at Bhanja kala mandap, Bhubaneswar.