22nd Dance, Music Festival

The Day 1 evening started with “Jagannath mangalam” by senior dancers of Gunjan Dance Academy, it was followed by an abhinaya “Taba Birahe” astapadi from gita govinda performed by Sasmita panda, one of the Senior most disciple of Guru Smt Meera Das. Next was a duet by Sweekruti Das & Bhagyashree Aich,¬† disciples of guru smt meera das ,who performed “Madan Mohan Stotram” describing many forms of Lord Vishnu..
The fourth presentation was “SRUSTI” , a new innovative & colourful compostition¬† was about “pancha maha bhootas” or five Elements choreographed by Guru Smt Meera Das, music composed by Shri Annada Prasanna Pattnaik. Each element was portrayed very nicely by the senior performers of Gunjan.
The last presentation was a pure dance number “Batu”, performed by young students of Gunjan Dance Academy…








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