Gunjan Sandhya

“Gunjan Sandhya” an exclusive Odissi Dance recital by the senior disciples presenting the unique choreographies of Guru Smt Meera Das at Utkala Ranga Manch, Bbsr. The evening started with Jagannath mangalam, followed by a Pallavi set to Taal Kirwani. Then ‘Bindu ru Sindhu’ a Dance drama depicting characteristics of rivers ,  and merging of rivers finally to their destination i.e. Ocean. The evening concluded with ‘Sarva Mangalam’ a shanti mantra praying peace & abundance for everyone.

Mukteswar Dance Festival 2021

Guru Smt Meera Das performed on the inaugural evening of the prestigious Mukteswar Dance Festival on 14th January. She started her performance with Shivastuti followed by Pallavi, a pure Dance number set to raag Bilahari & set to eka tali which is one of the finest Dance composition of Padma Vibhusan Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra & music composition by Pandit Shri Bhubaneswar Mishra. She concluded her performance with a self choreographed abhinaya based on SABARI from Ramayana, in which the music is composed by Shri Srinivas Sathpathy.

Naba Gunjan, 2020

This year Gunjan Dance Academy celebrated its 4th edition of Naba Gunjan virtually where number of dancers across the country has participated & judged by the eminent Gurus. Participants bagged first position in both senior category & in Junior category are Aditya Mohanty & Sanvi Thakur.

Performance Link of Aditya Mohanty

Performance link of Sanvi Thakur

Performance link of all the position Holders

Beautiful messages from our esteemed judges..